They worked all night but still can not break the straight Ma

day Cat double 11 a total turnover of more than 90 billion, will emerge out of Ma assumed "bending fingers 9" are all in the brain, a smile. The contemporary commercial wizards, not only created a double 11, students also put a holiday into all the electricity supplier in the field of competitor under several blocks, and "driving" an opportunity.

so, the industry has reason to look forward to work together to the magic of the digital arch to 100 billion, or even more.

so, when the final results of the 91 billion 200 million fixed moment, I do not know how many hearts feel slightly just passable. read more

Tencent and public comment is not true love only mutual use

two this year, Tencent shares of public comment on the news is very intense discussion, no way, this is not only about the O2O market but also linked to the news of WeChat can not cause the eyes of countless people. Earlier, Baidu has also received $2 billion acquisition of public comment on the news, but Baidu failed to do so, the final public comment chose to pick up the soap with Tencent. Although in terms of valuation is $2 billion price tag, but the Tencent is not wholly acquired, also does not require the holding, also offer WeChat interface for any gift, people will tend to Tencent. read more

Win in meters altar launched the domain name investment salon activities

5, 2, 2009, in order to better complement the lack of online communication, win in the rice altar ( recently launched a domain name investment salon under the line gathering activities.

it is understood that a similar salon in the country has long been realized, Beijing do very well. Win at the altar of blood meters spiders also have participated in the Beijing domain name salon, the sponsor is the domain experts (net), there are people Dadong many domain name investment community have participated, including all the way from Tianjin, wearing Changsha jump past Kele past, including Yao Jin wave the folks in Beijing industry heavyweights every time does not fall. read more

Taobao new regulations only the seller can use Tmall flagship monopoly


before the date of release on the market containing sensitive word shop name rectification notice ", personal authentication names must not contain let users confused words, such as franchising, the total distribution, general agent, etc. in addition to join; also clearly pointed out that the" flagship "and" monopoly "is Tmall unique word. In October, Taobao will be included in the vocabulary of the personal certification of the elimination of keywords.

Taobao notice as follows: read more

We look forward to moving overseas and adjust the architecture bring new growth

Sina Technology Tracy

has done more than a year where customers continue to adjust the structure of subtraction, in addition to continue to merge some departments to do subtraction, we started to strengthen the "focus" and "innovation", plans for overseas business and mobile Internet business force. In addition, we also announced the introduction of Lining sale, began to do exploration in brand + channels.

seek new growth points

yesterday evening to release where the adjustment of organization structure, called the 2013 China Internet environment and garment industry environment are changing dramatically, the competition is more intense, so we make corresponding adjustments to promote the Internet, encourage innovation and competition, and to continue the implementation of flat and specialization. read more

The electricity supplier giant ndia will become the next come in a throng profit growth point

The news of the Wall Street journal,

, could signal that Alibaba will continue to invest money in the new year – and in a more international way.

according to informed sources, Alibaba will combine ant gold suit, with a total of $575 million stake in India Communications Group One97 Communication, after the completion of the transaction will receive 30% shares.

investment, Ali’s main goal seems to be the core subsidiary of Paytm One97. This is a mobile Internet business and online payment company, it has about 1.5 million businesses, 25 million registered users and 20 million mobile wallet users, at the same time with Uber, Airbnb and Expedia of the local open platform. read more

Foreign media said Microsoft and Google together to push a net challenge Baidu

Beijing time on October 13th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the Alibaba group and Microsoft in search of cooperation in the field of Amoy network recently on the line, a move that could challenge Baidu and Google in the search market monopoly China.

Alibaba’s Amoy network test version on Saturday quietly on the line, the site will bring the flow of Taobao search.

a search results are displayed in the form of packet network. Taobao pictures and prices appear in the top of the search results, followed by the results of the forum and Microsoft search results will be provided by Web. read more

nventory of 17 Ways to make money online

an enterprising person, it is easy to find that the Internet is full of opportunities to make quick money. Although very few, difficult as a major source of income, but the network can help you replenish your wallet. At the same time, how much money you earn depends on your time and energy. Look at these 17 options to find out which one will work for you.

1 blog

if you are a passionate writer and interested in writing. To publish an article but can not find a solution, you can create your own blog. Let every character be the paving brick of your fortune. Creating a blog doesn’t require much technical skill, but it’s important that you have a gift for writing. This will attract visitors to your site. After building a blog, you can earn a profit by appealing to advertisers, or writing reviews for other people’s products. read more

Can you make money without your own website You can do it

do not have their own website can make money? In fact, you can also

does not belong to their web site can make money? Sounds a bit strange, to know that many people have their own website has not made money.

does not belong to their own website or independent blog can not make money? After listening to this article you will understand the

many friends say Wangzhuan, build your own website, blog, Taobao, is not easy to say, but also need to input costs for students or not to put the cost of the people, although many Wangzhuan method, but some are not so easy to implement. read more

People show grace xiabanzi love luxury brand and business China love to kill

reporter Zhao Yufei Chongqing reported

international luxury brand of Chinese electricity supplier can be described as "love": on the one hand, many international luxury brands to open up the market and China down "marry" China business, on the other hand due to the problem of fake Chinese electricity giant to "boycott". What is the reason for the relationship between the two so embarrassing? How to operate this seemingly is not equal to "marriage" read more

The future development of the electricity supplier who has the greatest potential of the mall F2C

F2C and B2C, can be described as the current electricity supplier in two different forms. B2C although hot, but the emergence of F2C is to let it stand up to see.

Miss Zhao is a senior online shopping Daren, especially like to buy some B2C sites, and can speak out their own set of truth. For example, B2C virtual shop does not need to rent, it is certainly more cost-effective than the store. While her bestie friend Miss Wang is still not to buy online Master, but out of love. For example, Wang recently started a rice cooker, domestic well-known brands, especially tall. Miss Zhao thought that Miss Wang is in the store to buy, so proudly on the B2C website also bought a touch the same, we want to show off their online shopping, do not want to end the friendship between the two is said to turn over boat. read more

Research on brand building of e commerce website

for any enterprise, the brand is the core competitiveness of enterprises. With the rapid development of the Internet, the construction of e-commerce websites and the construction of enterprise websites have sprung up, from scratch, from there to more, from more to more…… Efforts to enhance the brand construction of e-commerce sites, so as to become a good corporate image of the brightening agent, promoting booster for the sustainable development of the enterprise, is an important topic of business leadership and website management thinking. read more

Car home CEO Qin Zhi recommendations for nternet entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs want to succeed, then choose to do the right thing, and these things to do. Qin Zhi

entrepreneurship, in simple terms, one is the choice, one is the implementation of.

elements of business success are often the vision of choice and never give up. In other words, how to find a fast growing, unique market and how to develop quickly in this market. In a word, entrepreneurs want to succeed, then choose to do the right thing, and these things to do.

a, Entrepreneurship: choose carefully read more

Taobao store network red business beautiful young millions of fans

two days ago, the national husband Wang Sicong stir fried a girl. However, before the couple with a few rumored girlfriend, the network on the girl’s praise of the sound, the reason is: the United States and their ability to make money. Allegedly, the girl is a net red (referred to as the web), with a "money lady" of the Taobao store, only three years, annual sales of 200 million yuan. Her personal micro-blog has about 800000 fans, comparable to the stars.

network will be a fan of millions of purchasing power read more