Liu Qiangdong directed at Taobao monopoly Sellers must grasp their destiny

NetEase Francisco 7 and 29 news, the first Jingdong in the open platform Partner Conference held today, the Jingdong Group founder, has long not public speaking CEO Liu Qiangdong suddenly appeared in the lecture scene, referring to Taobao monopoly, and remind the seller, a number of electronic business platform is the common sales reliable strategy.

at the beginning of the lecture, Liu Qiangdong jokes that he has been a long time not to want to ask arena things, six did not even see people are strangers are shy. Liu Qiangdong once said with many colleagues and friends to communicate, in the communication he found electricity providers an open platform in this industry is gradually developing, but some sellers at the expense of the health of many family time, profits are increasingly thin, very hard. So Liu Qiangdong said to the seller here: the seller should spread their products to a number of sellers, if more than 50% sales in a single platform, it will be very dangerous thing." The seller must even loudly, firmly grasp their own destiny, don’t take fate into the hands of others. read more

Banks enter the e-commerce market, is fate

the legend of 19 billion 100 million attracted a large number of traditional enterprises into e-commerce, even the banks are beginning to test the waters of electronic commerce, China Chinese bank, construction bank, ICBC have been equipped with their own online store, a variety of goods is everything, and Home Furnishing, digital ticket, software is not a superb collection of beautiful things, to understand why the the big banks have started to enter the e-commerce, it is of great interest with electronic commerce? But for the current e-commerce sector, with Taobao, and other Jingdong large electronic business enterprise, a small electronic mall all is beyond count, now this time into e-commerce, with the soup in the middle can do? In the middle, should eat only cooked "cake". Of course, all of this is attributed to the large number of Internet users is extremely fond of online shopping, or even rely on e-commerce, huge profits surge brings, is sure to make a lot of people jealous, inevitable banks into e-commerce is the development of the. read more

Business awarding points are different is referred to as chicken ribs

now, many business platform and shopping guide platform will be presented in integral shopping, evaluation, registration, but also to achieve the integral launch points mall shopping raffle. So, the value of these points mall in the end is not worth a stroll around the consumer


Mall: "618" and "double 11" have a big

as a leader in the domestic electricity supplier platform, Jingdong mall shopping points are known as Beijing beans, through the shopping platform on the Jingdong, evaluation, sign can get Beijing beans. However, it should be noted that, although the beans can be deducted when shopping in a single cash, but from the perspective of monetary value, 1 Beijing beans equivalent to only RMB 1 cents. And the use of the order to pay the Beijing beans, and shall not exceed 50% of the amount of each order settlement. That is, the order of 100 yuan, up to only use the 5000 Beijing beans. It is only from the perspective of monetary value, Beijing beans seems not essential. read more

Multiple luxury brands stationed in the domestic electricity supplier platform discount as low as ha

many luxury brands have different degrees of discount.

reporter Wang Weixuan photo

Sale Inside clothing department store recently entered the summer discount season, many luxury brands have begun a low-key discount.

yesterday, Master Miss Chen told reporters excitedly, Taikoo Hui many luxury brands are on sale, "a portion of the goods 30 percent off Ferragamo counter, I saw in Hongkong at the time of a purse, the price is quite here after thirty percent off, was almost another."

reporter visited found that in Taikoo Hui, not only including COACH, Ferragamo brand, BALLY and other brands have different levels of discount. read more

Used car electricity supplier, what kind of position should be landing

car market announced on-line, Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung is claiming that the ultimate mode of second-hand car trading market is C2C, the car turned out is to eliminate 4S stores, cattle, second-hand car dealers and other intermediate links. An advantage of the Internet is to eliminate the intermediary, but in the second-hand car market industry chain complex, C2C

can really dominate the world?

development potential of the used car market, the Internet giant is causing a new round of enclosure movement. November 14, 2014, 58 city announced that the use of second-hand cars in the official access to second-hand car evaluation platform 58. In December 2nd, the fair online line "fair car", claims to invest $100 million into the second-hand car field. A few days later, Alibaba also added a fire, a high-profile announcement Taobao used car trading platform on-line. Their nouveau riche strong incoming, to work in the second-hand car market for many years, entrepreneurs see the future and hope, but also to let them feel the tremendous pressure of competition. read more

Micro fun community economy, one is the true love of people and goods

believe it or not, Chinese have entered the middle class mainstream society, regardless of whether the wallet is full, at least the young consumer has reached this level, more and more young people to choose their own style, you will see the tattoo more and more young people, more and more spiritual consumption Totem will appear. As they do that is really taking the micro community electricity supplier.

The current boom in mobile

dividend period, micro business is WeChat’s circle of friends as a platform provider of mobile community attributes form the basis of formation, has experienced more than two years of barbaric growth, gradually entered a reshuffle and remodeling stage, the micro electricity supplier scoffed, also have to make a fetish of the micro electricity supplier at this time, as the old electricity supplier, it is necessary to help us sort out what, see the future. read more

Electricity supplier to Italy’s cross-border logistics season is blocked

news August 29th, billion state power network that due to local Italy days before strong earthquake, Italy sent to the cross-border electricity supplier parcel delivery or will suffer serious delays, some local areas have also been suspended for mail delivery service.

It is reported that the earthquake occurred at the junction of

, in central Italy, Lazio, Umbria and Marche area, 170 km from Rome, from the 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila but 100 km.

actually, billion state power network has learned, the peak of the Italian online shopping in the fourth quarter of May, and September. For the September Italy promotional season has long been ready to export electricity supplier sellers, or to pay attention to the entire cross-border logistics as well as a good judge of the volume of goods for the event. read more

How to transform the rural electricity supplier Ali said Sun Lijun, vice president

sina science and technology news October 29th evening news, the fourth session of the China Taobao Forum opened today. Sun Lijun, vice president of Alibaba group, general manager of the Ministry of agriculture, Ali attended the meeting, and shared his understanding of rural electricity supplier strategy.

What is the difference between Taobao and Taobao in the rural village of

? Sun Lijun believes that Taobao is the product of the Internet plus rural village era, need a variety of facilities, so the general was born in a coastal city rather than the central and western regions; and the village of Amoy infrastructure, but also the future trend and the main agricultural village. Both paths are different, but the core purpose is to realize the digitization and modernization of rural economy. read more

From trade information platform to online trading market

lasted nearly ten years, China’s B2B e-commerce began to show a diversified development trend, of which the most noteworthy is the traditional trade information platform to the online trading market of historical change. In fact, online trading market is not a new concept, there have been many cases of mature, mainly in spot trading and futures trading platform mainly domestic industry. With the maturation of e-commerce environment problems and new changes in the traditional B2B exposed the advantage has been more and more obvious, also began to appear in some foreign trade online trading market, traditional B2B giant also began to gradually open the trading function. read more

My trademark investment memories

When the

in 2005, the domestic CN domain name has a big price, from more than and 100 yuan a drop to 30 yuan a, I once in a hundred million net registered domain name, want to make a fortune, but very disappointed, I think some very valuable rice but not what people interested. Looking at the hands of such meters, always feel the time special fast renewal time is always so soon. My heart feels very upset, I am not rich, a rice cook is ten years but the things I don’t, maybe not to give the first aid meters, burn yourself. read more

The present situation and existing problems of electronic commerce

now that the community needs to be complex talent, and e-commerce is just looking to meet this requirement, you see and learn the computer, but also learn the economy, but also to learn the law, as well as accounting… I can’t take the place of all the majors. At that time, the beginning of the school e-commerce classes in the same class is the most. The electronic business class students score higher than other majors, since that is also a good choice. But after a few years of learning, I know what I really learned – that is to say that all understand, do not. read more

Detailed personal the sad memories

network in the world, is so colorful, so fresh, bring us a lot of knowledge to enrich our life, because of this, so there are a lot of small and medium-sized websites emerged, so in our 360 line more out of the owners of this occupation, I also make a lot of grassroots webmaster the.

webmaster of the occupation, for many people is still very strange, in the eyes of outsiders seems full of mystery, a high-tech color, in fact people know their own jobs, establishment and operations those sad things, only you can understand. read more

Us selling false packaging cleaning cotton losing was sentenced to bear joint liability


" selling false packaging cleaning cotton against

Changjiang business daily news that the product packaging is still not correct sales mark, was sentenced to jointly and severally liable to compensate consumers

newspaper news (reporter Li Jing correspondent Wang Tiantian) discomfort due to the use of "" on the 38 yuan to buy the cleaning cotton, manufacturers and consumers will be on the court website. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wuhan intermediate people’s court, the so-called manufacturers actually dealers, fraud consumer behavior, the two defendants were sentenced to refund and joint compensation of $500. read more

Tencent electricity supplier new platform will enable independent domain name online Q4 this year

August 30th, Tencent said, Tencent e-commerce platform will enable an independent domain name is expected to be opened in the fourth quarter or early next year.

had news that Tencent will enable domain name. The domain name is also the first test of Tencent micro-blog products website domain name, however, the site has stopped updating.

Tencent responded, said: this argument is very interesting, but also to thank the community for the attention of Tencent electricity supplier. The new platform Tencent supplier does in the fourth quarter or early next year enabled our independent domain name, but the name is not yet determined, we need to listen to the partners and the majority of Internet users, but it is certain that the new domain name platform Tencent is closely related with the electricity supplier shopping, we also welcome to give us some suggestions in this respect." read more

Lurking in the QQ group which high-income earners

is now more and more difficult to record, in particular, but also to add a link to the scene to take pictures, many owners have a free time to complain, despise those who make the filing policy. As a professional network of people, I do not want to go to the national record of the policy is reasonable, because the state does not listen to me, so I tube is superfluous. I put aside the time to save a record for the record of the policy of the birth of a new industry, on behalf of the record.

he lurks in my QQ group, I have a few groups have him, 1688 wholesale network in the group of people occasionally can see his shadow, his screen name is fast filing". Because the QQ is set to "Q me", the name is "quick record" name is always in the QQ group in the first row, there are new people into the group, he would welcome a facial expression, someone in the group to speak he would take a sentence, in fact he is to let people to see his name, because his name is his advertisement. read more

B2C’s big Taobao brand strategy

recently heard Ma and Taobao executives mentioned the word net goods, then how did not take seriously, but that is the use of some of the small workshop started Taobao brand, can not become the trend. But think carefully is not so simple, no concept Taobao are a chain, must have its role and significance in Taobao in the value chain, especially in the current Taobao ecological chain layout is like a raging fire in the process. Any purpose has its motivation, motivation is based on demand, to figure out what Taobao is most in need of, it is not difficult to understand the importance of net goods to the big Taobao. This array is often thinking the matter over, combine all the factors, the framework gradually clear, summed up a share: read more

Electricity supplier hot Jique to customer service as the leading recruitment platform

bought a bread machine on the Internet, just making a bread can not be used, and then decided to return a new customer service, call for a long time, always busy at." Before the next single, the festival was Ms. Wang received the goods due to not contact customer service staff are very anxious. Similarly, the domestic online shopping festival because of a surge in orders, resulting in a backlog of orders after the customer service personnel shortage, they have in the domestic leading free fair online recruitment platform extended the olive branch to the applicants". read more

Ali announced the establishment of industry associations and businesses with fake brand

according to the United States, "Wall Street journal" reported on December 23rd, Alibaba announced that it will set up a brand and industry associations Advisory Committee to improve the intellectual property rights of its online shopping platform. Earlier, an American agency will be included in the Chinese electricity supplier giant and the list of infringing goods sales market.

Alibaba spokesman said on that day, the company will work with the United States and other international brands and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation, to help eliminate fake sellers, but did not disclose the name or on behalf of the participating enterprises. The Alibaba, Hangzhou based, said the committee’s membership will be implemented in the next round of talks in March. read more

919 again crazy network network grand track IP custom wine hot sale

75 million sales, three hundred million red and 36 hours 919 eco Carnival feast, network network for the fans who made more than that. Depending on the build fans carnival night evening, "grand track" network network to build IP ecological custom wine – Meilan flower "grand track" series of customized version of the pre cocktails for the first time in secret. In September 20th, the official network network officially opened the pre-sale price of 39.9 yuan, 6 bottle set sparked unprecedented world grand carnival read more

They worked all night but still can not break the straight Ma

day Cat double 11 a total turnover of more than 90 billion, will emerge out of Ma assumed "bending fingers 9" are all in the brain, a smile. The contemporary commercial wizards, not only created a double 11, students also put a holiday into all the electricity supplier in the field of competitor under several blocks, and "driving" an opportunity.

so, the industry has reason to look forward to work together to the magic of the digital arch to 100 billion, or even more.

so, when the final results of the 91 billion 200 million fixed moment, I do not know how many hearts feel slightly just passable. read more