Those who let millet CEO admire and do not admire the company how to do marketing

Abstract: millet and admire admire the company what? "From the sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual" in the book can peep.

"in the sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual" in one book, millet CEO Li Wanqiang mentioned several Internet technology companies, especially on their marketing strategies are analyzed or long or short, including millet millet also have not admire, admire. Thin products to have some meaning, write out to share with you. read more

Network larvae traffic flow needs traffic

    above these words are not the most experienced webmaster heart? Read the following article you will know where to flow.
        do not know how, so the key words can be made out of me to write an article? You can revel in the ha!!! Because this article is the gospel of your website.
          the name of the network larvae, from his web site to build on the major sites crazy to write articles, articles written by the majority of the owners are welcome. So what? Network larvae will write about the site every day. Hope that we pay attention to because the network larvae of the article in the first, it can be said that the issue of synchronization! Ha-ha。
        or get to the point! Traffic flow needs traffic! This sentence written in the heart of the webmaster. No traffic website owners see will cheer up, rally.
        today’s website want to make money is actually rely on your site has no flow. The flow may in this life you have enough to live comfortably, because traffic will be converted into economic overnight. In fact, we do not think he is too difficult. We have to look at it in an ordinary way. In fact, I am also a webmaster. I do not know how many times every day to see traffic statistics. Because I want my website traffic every day, watching the people more and more each day, that is to achieve the effect of. Traffic is mainly brought about by the majority of Internet users, different sites will bring different Internet users. Because they care about different things, so this will be an antidote against the disease. read more

Product operations do these 7 things you go to business

has done a few years of Internet operations, in fact, the idea of entrepreneurship has long been sprouting, now out of their own business is not impulsive. The process of chat and friends in the ordinary old, many operators have found new friends after the first business ideas, I admire them from the heart, because they have ideas, we know that the first step is that you dare to think. And now the highly innovative, public business era, every person, as long as you have an idea, can go to realize their entrepreneurial dreams! But then again, there is a saying: the road of entrepreneurship is a close call, business is not only the idea on a momentum is enough, it will last die very miserable! In old opinion, for operation novice, if you want to start, at least a few things you need to do the following: read more

Micro blog marketing can not save Taobao small sellers only save their own

this is a manuscript for "grand" advertising magazine, the first issue for everyone to take tile pat. Feel love for print or bend touch the earth, holding a deep sniff fragrant ink roll people.

was a painstaking effort to micro-blog electricity supplier, but now there is no movement. Ali seems to stake in Sina micro-blog, many small and medium-sized sellers Taobao regained confidence, waiting for the arrival of the moment change. Micro-blog marketing is not suitable for small sellers, this problem seems to be looking for answers. Understandable, micro-blog rely on Forwarding and attention to the two functions, making the speed of information dissemination, dissemination of breadth has been greatly improved. Micro-blog has strong media properties, the spread of social events, businesses and businesses to create a brand is very good. However, because of the amount of information overload and the user’s mind is limited, coupled with the early violent acts of popular marketing, micro-blog’s marketing value is on the decline. read more

Zhang Yansen how to create a large flow of personal website to make money

in fact, this is an old topic, and I do not say that we all know that money is nothing more than the several models. But I want to use my old topic on the experience of the new old topic, say to help new.

for personal Adsense, most of them are currently making money in advertising alliance. However, this money is not really good, you must have a large flow, you can make money, traffic is king. Many webmasters are even difficult to recover costs.

how to get large traffic? This is related to the location of the site, if you are not a network promotion master, but to do the popular theme of the site, which basically no drama. So, consider a more popular website, the theme of the competition is not fierce, can do. Because, again is popular theme, there will be a considerable audience. This can not be ignored. China is a populous country, resulting in the phenomenon of China is a big marketing country. Promising lines. read more

Lonely brother enhance the university website brand strategy

with the accelerated pace of the Internet, the number of college students to build a campus website is rising year by year. Recently, many people ask me how to improve the visibility of the University website. Whether you want to do campus forums, or do classification information, or entertainment sites, portals, information sites. There are a lot of reasons are interlinked. Last time I have told you how to do a good job in the University Forum search engine optimization, this time I’m here to talk about how to do a good job in the promotion of University website. read more

4 principles behind the HTML5 marketing the 7 cases and the 12 map

text / Internet eight Mr.

along with a nervous cat and several brands of content circle of friends crazy turn, H5 quickly won the attention of many marketers.

however, invitations, product promotion diagram produced by H5 was crazy forwarded by numerous praise by the industry, word of mouth, while others although the producers also soundless and stirless, spent a lot of money.

so, what does H5 do in marketing, where does it spread? If you want to start a H5 transmission, which precedents should be the benchmark? How to select suppliers? How about the general charges in the market? read more

Content is king and Emperor Wen hospital network marketing

for private hospitals, the network promotion is rooted in the site, and many people feel that the site is simply the content, then we look at the private hospital websites are some of the content. Open the Internet private hospital andrology, gynecology, innumerable cosmetic website, stereotyped style, amazing similar content, which not only allows users to make search engines more fatigued, feel helpless. Although each hospital websites are very focused on SEO, TITLE, Keywords, carefully add Description, the front also delimits the abstract and key words, but what effect? A large number of similar content to the search engine, can only be regarded as cheating, will be right down processing. read more

Talking about the way of inaction marketing hammer phone

overnight, the Internet all over the place is the hammer on the phone information. Video website is old speech video, micro-blog in the mobile phone on the hammer spit bad and reviled and praise, since the media website is launched for the hammer mobile phone debate. Luo outshining is being held in the Asia level political meeting.

marketing has been considered premeditated behavior, but it seems that the hammer phone does not have such a default, and this marketing effect is expected.

from A to Z watching the hammer mobile phone launch video, found as a leader in the mobile phone development, Luo, straight in emphasizing the "no compromise", for the application of design process of material selection for no compromise, no compromise, even for whom not to compromise. However, in my opinion, the biggest Luo uncompromising object is marketing. read more

Product selection steps in bidding

if you are very talented, long and beautiful, you can easily find a good packaging.

if you are not good, then you need to pack, dress up.

products as well.

if you have your own product, the product itself is a gap in the market, then you can through the auction to test, once can profit, so we can immediately develop quickly, if you do not, then you need the concept of product packaging and then can be extended, I for example.

I take MP3 glasses for example.

manufacturers in Shenzhen, they through the auction to market, they are mainly foreign wholesale, the whole network lowest price, 80 yuan a, more than 10 batch, and the market price is 500 yuan, so the market is very large, his business volume is very large, sales outlets across the country. read more