Morocco Sends 1500 Soldiers to Participate in Ground Operations in Yemen

Rabat – Morocco is set to take part in a ground operations in Yemen to oust the Irani-backed Houti rebels and forces loyal to Yemeni President Abdullah Saleh former from the  capital Sanna.According to Moroccan daily Assabah in its Friday issue, Morocco has sent 1,500 elite soldiers to Yemen to participate in the Arab Coalition’s ground military offensive, which will be carried out under the command of Saudi Arabia.“1,500 soldiers who took part in the African Lion 2015, during the Moroccan-American maneuvers held last May in Tan-Tan, will take part in the Arab Coalition’s ground offensive battle against the Houthi rebels,” Assabah said. According to the same source, a contingent of Moroccan military police (gendarmerie) is expected to arrive in the coming days in King Khaled Air Base in Saudi Arabia.“The first contingent expected in Saudi Arabia consists of elite units of the military police. “There are 1,500 of paratroopers who have been specially trained recently in Tan-Tan, for a ground intervention in Yemen,” Assabah added.“The units in question have operational experience and prepared to be involved in armed conflicts.”According to the same source, the training carried out during the 2015 African Lion focused on the latest developments of military aviation, including F16, technical and tactical coordination, refueling fighter bombers in the air, in addition to humanitarian interventions in disaster areas.The mobilization of Moroccan troops on the ground was made in coordination with the United States, the same source added.Morocco has been participating in the Saudi-led airstrikes carried out by the Arab Coalition against the Houti rebels. Since the beginning of the operations last March, Morocco expressed its full solidarity with Saudi Arabia in its “Decisive Storm,” aimed at restoring legitimacy in Yemen.

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