Police reveal content of suspicious packages

A bomb scare in Hamilton’s east end Friday has left residents in the area asking what happened? No bombs were found and a man was arrested but not charged.The bomb squad was called in and detonated two suspicious packages; one found in a Canada Post box on Main and Huxley. The other five blocks away at Main and Cameron.The packages had excessive amounts of tape on them with wires sticking out and CHCH has learned at least on of them had a thumb drive attached to the outside.The packages were found by a postal worker who called the police out of concern.A 2 kilometer area was blocked off for nearly 12 hours.Police revealed Saturday that the packages did not contain bombs and that a man was arrested and released, which left neighbours with lots of questions.The answer is pretty innocent though.“It ended up being someone was sending some electronic parts back to the manufacturer because of a defect.”It’s not clear why the packages were in two different mailboxes but police say there there was no criminal intent in the incident.

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