Army Surpasses Target Dwell Time for Soldiers

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR The Army has exceeded the target dwell time for active-duty soldiers since the fall of 2014, with service members spending about three years at home for every year of deployment, according to recent data.The goal for the Army’s active component is for at least one half of soldiers deploying a subsequent time to have spent two years at home for every year deployed. The Army has met that goal since January 2012, when major troop withdrawals began in Afghanistan, reported Army Times. The ratio has improved to 1:3 or better since late 2014.Officials emphasize, however, that dwell time varies greatly among career fields, with soldiers in some specialties, such as special operations, having shorter turnaround times than troops in other careers.The dwell time target for the reserve components is 1:4. Since the spring of 2015 the National Guard has maintained an average dwell of 1:4.1; the Army Reserve’s dwell ratio is 1:4.2.last_img

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