Xining Wei Planning Commission opened the first ban on smoking in Xining city hospital fined 2000 yu

July 7th, Xining City, Kunlun hospital due to tobacco control lag, was sentenced to 2000 yuan of administrative penalties, which became the first since the city planning commission to carry out tobacco control law enforcement since the first ticket.

Xining 14819 candidates into the examination room 511

the morning of June 7th, three county four district of Xining City, 14819 candidates to 16 sites (Xining city center 10, 7805 candidates; three county candidates 7014 people, 6 test sites), 511 room, in the morning, the afternoon of Chinese mathematics college entrance examination subjects examination (June 8th for the integrated arts, science and foreign

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to excel to promote the construction of Party Organization

In order to further strengthen the construction of Party organization, high-quality business department of the party organization leader team, enhance the combat effectiveness of grassroots organizations and cohesion, and constantly promote the striving for excellence of Party building activities to further strengthen the construction of Party organization, high-quality business department of the party organization leader

To strengthen the rural road Xining sunshine project construction quality supervision station of the

2011 September 15th, the Provincial Department of transportation quality supervision station, the city Bureau of transportation held a total of Huangzhong County, the village to the village of highway engineering road inspection ICAC conference. Provincial Transportation Department of Transportation Highway Quality Supervision Station, City Transportation Bureau, City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the city traffic construction

Qinghai battery grade lithium carbonate market demand in short supply

Due to the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, and then led the battery grade lithium carbonate prices soared. The first two months of this year, as the sole province of a high quality battery grade lithium carbonate production enterprises — lithium battery grade West Mine Group Qinghai lithium industry limited production demand, from

Xining north of the city held the second home culture and Art Festival

to promote advanced socialist culture, promoting family virtues and family cultural construction, advocate scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle, the family rich active cultural life, and make new contributions to the construction of a harmonious north, north of the city of Xining district from May to October, held the second session of the family culture and

The province’s urban security projects progressing smoothly

9 25, the reporter learned from the provincial housing department, this year, the province’s urban affordable housing construction project objectives and tasks are: new shantytowns housing units, basically built a total of 52 thousand and 600 units, check in 50 thousand and 800. At the end of August, the province’s affordable renovation project has started